Manipulating Google Maps with .NET code

by sugadmin on April 10, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 at 6:00 PM

Since Google released it’s first Google Maps API in 2005, developers from all platforms have mashed together some very interesting and sometimes useful mapping apps. This talk will explore a .NET server control wrapper for the Google Maps API that allows you to simply drag and drop a Google map into to your web pages and wire it up to your own data sources. You don’t need to learn any Javascript in order to create powerful mapping applications using the Google Map server control. You can use the VB or C# languages you already know. This talk will also explore the various free geocoding services that are available on the Internet and the plusses and minuses of each one. We will also look at using SQL server as a data source. And if time permits, we will look at the various kinds of XML data sources used in mapping including KML (Google’s Keyhole Markup Language), GeoRSS (RSS with a some extra data for mapping), and GPX (the data output by global positioning devices).

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